Our Values

We value integrity – We are committed to dealing openly and fairly with our customers and family. Our principles of trust, honesty and hard-work are instilled in us by customers, staff and the founder of our company.

We value excellence – We will always hold quality in the highest regard. We believe in providing our personal best in order to maintain our reputation for professional distinction.

We value collaboration – We will selflessly pursue teamwork and cooperation, bringing together our individual strengths with the talents and expertise of others.

We value responsibility – We rely upon the hard work of ourselves and others. We are committed to being reliable, taking initiative, following through and being accountable.

We value creativity – Our desire is to be innovative, resourceful and open-minded.

We value compassion and grace – Our reputation is based in part on how we interact and deal with everyone. In our daily interactions with family, coworkers and others, we will strive to be respectful and to do our best to practice patience, humility, and kindness.

We value a positive work environment – We believe in having a positive attitude towards our job and our coworkers. Finding happiness and fulfillment at work are essential. We believe in appreciating and recognizing a job well done and honoring contributions that further our success.

We value leadership – We believe in quality management and empowering our staff to find the best solutions. We believe in taking the initiative to meet or exceed the expectations of those with whom we do business. We will find the courage to take risks for new investments.

We value our family – We are loyal to and supportive of our family.  We will mentor each other; treat each other with respect, sensitivity and tolerance.  We will be open and candid with each other to protect our family relationships, legacy, and our collective future.